• About us

Romance is dead.
Long live romance?

We are in relationships with apps, not people.

We don’t blame you. We know it’s a minefield out there. But worry not, as we are here to help you out of that toxic relationship.

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• Ethos

Skip the small talk.

"Hey, what's up?"

We cut to the chase, free you from having to come up with that perfect opening line and get you to the answers you really want to know about your match! (not what they choose to tell you on a profile prompt…)

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• Mission

Get offline.

70% of people on dating apps never go on dates!

“Dating” is heavy word. It comes with a whole lot of pressure and an unhealthy amount of expectations. Our mission is to tear down these formalities. I think we can all agree face value is a lot richer than a profile online. So don't go on a date, go on a meet cue and see where it takes you next.

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How it works


We all know how this goes, swipe, like, tap... whatever your poison is we are here for it!

Skip the small talk

Ask the questions you want answers to, get past those pesky pickuplines...


Suggest a time you want to meet and leave the rest to us, we"ll make sure it's your style.

Oh the places we can go

We can’t control how the date goes but we can help you discover some hidden gems in your city. When you go on a Meet Cue you will be discovering new places near all your popular whereabouts!

Day Rooms

Aussie inspired cafe.
All things Antipodean front and centre!

Gran Sorvete

Gelato, ice cream... whatever you call it. It's damn good and it doesn't get much better than here!

Innis & Gunn

Did someone say they like Craft Beer?! 26 pints later you might find your favourite.


Bacon to diEEEeeeEEeEEEe for... quite literally, look up the reviews. Mean coffee too.

Launching in a city near you

Sign up and let us know your city so we don’t miss you out! We will be launching in 2021 (once this 2020 madness is over)

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